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Emergency Evacuation

Insurance cover for emergency evacuation is an option that people often overlook but emergency evacuation can prove to be extremely important if you are living in a remote or underdeveloped country. An emergency evacuation benefit can be very expensive and it is important when you are selecting a plan to decide if this is something that you need.

In certain countries it is highly recommended since the cost for helicopters, ambulances, flights home and in-transit medical care can add up to enormous amounts of money. We would strongly recommend this type of coverage in China , whilst if you are based full time in Singapore or Hong Kong it is probably not absolutely necessary.

Emergency evacuation is necessary in the event that suitable medical treatment is not available locally. In this situation the insured is normally evacuated to the nearest 'acceptable' hospital or, in certain cases, back to their own country. If you are evacuated back to your home country the cover is called 'repatriation'.

It is important to realize that insurance companies will only cover medical evacuation of the insured when it is requested by the treating doctor and agreed upon by the insurer's medical consultants. This means that the patient cannot simply request to be 'evacuated' to a different hospital; it has to be medically necessary.

In short, purchasing an insurance plan with emergency evacuation cover is virtually a necessity for any expat living in a remote or underdeveloped country. For more information in regards to an emergency evacuation benefit, please contact us.