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Frequently Asked Questions

We have provided a number of frequently asked questions in an effort to better help you understand your international medical insurance plan.

What is an international medical insurance plan?

An international medical insurance plan is a health insurance policy that is globally portable. International medical insurance plans will provide comprehensive medical cover anywhere in the world and can be tailored to meet a number of requirements.

Who can buy an international medical insurance plan?

Any individual living outside of their home country can buy an international medical insurance plan. There are also plans that will allow you to be covered while living in your home country.

How long will an international medical insurance plan last?

International medical insurance plans will usually provide cover for a year. After that the plan must be renewed. Most of the international medical insurance plans that we offer are usually guaranteed renewable for life, so you never have to worry about having a lapse in cover.

What is the maximum age for joining an international medical insurance plan?

Many international medical insurance plans are guaranteed renewable for life. Depending on the insurance company, you may be able to join an international medical insurance company until the age of 80.

Is it better for me to buy a travel policy or an international medical insurance plan?

A travel policy will only cover an individual for a short period of time. Travel policies are recommended if you are planning to be outside of your home country for less than a year. Travel plans are not renewable and will not cover any long term medical conditions. If you are planning to reside outside of your home country for an extended period of time it is recommended that you purchase an international medical insurance plan.

If I return to my home country will I still have coverage?

In many cases international medical insurance plans will allow a policyholder to return to their home country whilst retaining cover. The conditions of such cover are dependent on the policy and insurance company.

Can we obtain an international medical insurance plan for our company?

We can provide comprehensive international medical insurance plans for groups of three or more people. Companies, sports teams and social clubs are all eligible for international medical insurance group plans, and in some cases we may even be able to obtain a discount for groups that have a large number of members.

What is an in-patient plan? What is an out-patient plan?

An in-patient plan will cover all treatment where an overnight stay in a hospital or medical facility is required. In-patient plans will also cover the costs of post hospitalization treatment, home nursing and emergency evacuation. Out-patient plans will usually provide all the same benefits as an in-patient plan but will also cover routine check ups, physician visits, and specialist consultations. It is normally possible to add maternity and dental benefits to an out-patient or in-patient plan.

If I am a resident in the USA is it possible to obtain coverage with an international medical insurance plan?

It is possible to obtain coverage from an international medical insurance plan in the USA . However, it is important to be aware that USA guidelines state that you should be covered by a domestic provider that conforms to HIPAA or COBRA guidelines. The American regulations can usually be overcome if you have previously been refused coverage by a domestic insurance company.

Can American Citizens purchase international medical insurance plans?

If an American citizen resides outside of the USA for more than six months out of the year then they are normally eligible for cover with an international medical insurance cover. In some cases we may be able to provide plans that will continue to provide cover when you return to the USA from overseas; however this is subject to confirmation from the insurance company.

Is it possible to go anywhere in the world for treatment?

There are generally two areas of cover associated with an international medical insurance plan, Worldwide and Worldwide excluding North America . If the plans geographical area of cover is Worldwide, then the policyholder is allowed to receive treatment in any country in the world. If your policy's geographic area of coverage is Worldwide excluding North America then you cannot receive treatment in North America . However you will still be covered for any accident or emergency in that area.

What is a deductible and how does it affect my plan?

A deductible is the amount that the policyholder pays towards the cost of any claim. All international medical insurance plans will have a number of deductible options. Deductibles have the ability to help keep your premiums low and reduce administration costs.

How can do I make a claim?

Out-patient treatment is usually paid for by the policyholder upfront and reimbursed by the insurer at a later date. The policyholder should submit a completed claims form to the insurance company along with any receipts and doctors notes to ensure a speedy settlement. In-patient treatment that is scheduled in advance will usually be settled by the insurance company directly before the treatment. For this to happen it is important for the policyholder to notify the insurer before the treatment so that they can liaise with the medical facility. In the event of an emergency you should show your medical insurance card to the hospital and notify the insurer.

How is a claim processed?

Claims are processed upon reception of a complete claims form. Once a claims form has been received it will usually take 10 working days for payment to be reimbursed. The most common reasons for a delay in reimbursement are incomplete paperwork and pre-existing conditions.

Is dental cover available?

In most cases international medical insurance plans can provide comprehensive dental cover. It is possible to upgrade a policy's dental benefit to include cover for some of the more serious dental conditions. In many cases there is a waiting period imposed on dental coverage.

Can I choose where I receive treatment?

Many international health insurance plans will allow a policyholder to receive treatment with the doctor or hospital of their choice. If you have only recently arrived in a country many insurance companies can help you to find the best medical facilities and services available, however, with an international medical insurance plan you are always free to travel to another country to receive treatment.

What is not covered by an international medical insurance plan?

International medical insurance plan exclusions will vary between insurance companies. It is advisable to read a plan's policy conditions carefully to fully understand what is excluded from cover. Some of the most common exclusions will include treatment related to HIV/AIDS, Cosmetic surgery, acts of war, and experimental treatments.

Are pre-existing conditions covered?

In many cases pre-existing conditions will not be covered until after a 24 month waiting period. However, some insurers may allow a pre-existing condition to be included in the plan coverage. This will usually happen on a case by case basis and normally comes with increased premiums. When applying for an international medical insurance plan you will be asked to fill out a detailed medical history, it is important that this form is completed accurately so as to avoid any possible disputes when making future claims.

What sports, activities, and hobbies are covered?

A number of non-professional sports and activities are covered by international medical insurance plans. It is important to bear in mind however, that in a number of plans some activities will be excluded from coverage. These will normally include; Mountaineering with ropes, hang gliding, racing in or on vehicles, bungee jumping, parachuting, and extreme sports. If there is a specific activity that you would like to be covered for, it should be declared to the insurer.

How will my premium increase?

International medical insurance plan premiums will increase only because of the policyholder's age and worldwide medical inflation. Premiums will never rise because of any claims that are made on the policy. This means that even if a policy holder makes a claim for an expensive or costly treatment, they will still have the same premium as the rest of their age bracket.

How and when do I pay for the plan?

Plans can be paid for in most major currencies by cash, cheque, money order, bank transfer, or credit card. Many insurers will allow a policyholder up to 21 days after the application has been made to pay for the policy. However, some insurance companies will not issue the plan until the policyholder has paid.

If you require assistance in regards to any aspect of an international medical insurance policy, or you would like to receive a free quote, please do not hesitate to contact one of our expert advisers today.