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Payment Options

When it comes to payment options International medical insurance plans can be extremely flexible. A policyholder has a number of payment options including frequency of payment, currency, and type of payment. Plans can be paid for by cheque, cash, bank transfer or credit card

International medical insurance premiums can be paid in all major currencies, including, EUR, GBR, USD, and RMB. Plans can also be paid for annually, semi annually, quarterly, or monthly. However, it is important to note that there will often be a surcharge added to the premium if the policyholder chooses to pay monthly. A surcharge is also usual if the policyholder chooses to pay by credit card.

Many insurance companies have different deadlines for payment. Some insurers will give you a few weeks from the start of a plan to make the first payment, while others will not issued the policy until payment has been confirmed. It is important to know what payment requirements your plan has. Our expert staff can provide detailed information in regards to payment of international medical insurance plans. If you would like to know more, or would like to receive a free quote, please contact us.