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Pre-existing Conditions

Pre-existing conditions are medical conditions that the insured suffered from (even if no treatment was received) prior to purchasing an insurance policy.

Insurance plans will not normally cover a serious pre-existing condition. Insurance, by its nature, is meant to cover the consequences of unforeseen events, not to pay expenses for events that are certain to happen. For this reason it is not advisable to switch between medical insurance providers since any pre-existing conditions are not likely to be covered.

The most serious forms of pre-existing conditions, and of most concern to insurers, are chronic conditions (these are medical conditions from which you never recover from, and can only be maintained and treated during the acute and palliative phases). Good examples of chronic conditions are diabetes, asthma, heart disease etc. Insurers are very concerned about chronic conditions since they are likely to lead to expensive and long-term treatment.

Some international insurance providers will agree to cover pre-existing conditions (after reviewing detailed information) if an additional loading is paid. More frequently, the insurer will put a 'moratorium' on the condition and if during a period (typically two years) no symptoms, treatment, medication or check ups are received then the insurer will agree to cover the condition.

For more serious conditions the insurer may exclude the conditions and any consequences thereof, or refuse coverage altogether. For a condition as serious as cancer or diabetes it is virtually impossible to buy a new insurance policy getting these conditions covered.

In summary, the best way to maintain coverage of pre-existing conditions is to remain with the same insurance company for the long term. For this reason it is important to select a good company from the outset, with a plan that is renewable for life, regardless of location, age or medical condition. For more information about pre-existing conditions, please contact us.