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- James Cooper
Did you Know?
As an insurance broker we are able to pick and choose the best insurance providers worldwide. Even better our insurance plans cost the exact same as if you were buying directly from the insurer.

Renewal Options

International medical insurance plans are designed to provide 12 months of continuous cover. Plans are normally guaranteed renewable for life and can usually be joined until the age of 75. We can help you to renew your policy efficiently so that you can be assured of having comprehensive cover all the time.

International medical insurance premiums, unlike local plans, will not change because of claims. Premiums will only change because of a policyholder's age and medical inflation. This means that no matter how much treatment you claim, your premium will always be the same as everyone else in your age bracket.

Plans are also globally portable, so even if you do not reside in the country where you initially purchased the policy, you will be able to renew the plan with no penalties. This means that no matter where you join an international health insurance plan you will never have to worry about being outside of the coverage area, and will never have to pay an increased premium for changing location.

We will always contact you before you renew your plan. This means that you never have to worry about forgetting to renew your policy. Working with us you can be assured that there is a dedicated team of support experts constantly monitoring your plan, they will handle any problems or queries that you may have in regards to renewing your plan. If you have any questions or would like to know more about an international medical insurance plan, please contact us.