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- James Cooper
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Allianz Group has been providing top-quality insurance and financial services since 1890. More than 75 million customers in over 70 countries across the world have chosen the Allianz Group for its reliable insurance and financial services. Allianz Group's Standard & Poor's rating is "AA", authenticating strong financial stability, with Allianz Worldwide Care receiving a rating of "AA" in its own right. Allianz strives to bring stability and comfort to clients living internationally, providing services and solutions with experience and efficiency.

While Allianz Group is a massive multinational company with nearly 178,000 employees, expatriate insurance services are specialized within a smaller division known as 'Allianz Worldwide Care'. This department will give you the personal attention associated with smaller and more focused providers. Allianz Worldwide Care heralds itself as 'A World of Care for Expatriates' bringing trusted service to you, wherever you are.

While the scale of Allianz Group may seem daunting to you, the size of the company enables Allianz Worldwide Care to provide all of its services from within the company; nothing is subcontracted and each issue is taken care of by an Allianz professional.

Allianz Worldwide Care operates on five core values that emphasize customer service, integrity in business, employee recognition, striving for excellence and keeping their word. These core principles mean that Allianz Worldwide Care will not stop until they are able to provide you with the best plan and the services to keep you satisfied.

Allianz Worldwide Care provides a help hotline that is available in most major languages, as well as a 24-hour, 7 days a week emergency hotline and Mediline, a medical advice service designed to advise you on temporary care for whatever health issues that may arise. In addition to these important services, Allianz Worldwide Care also makes available an international hospital guide and a national health care index to assist you wherever you are.

As an additional convenience, Allianz Worldwide Care makes managing your medical services easy and accessible through an advanced online network. When you choose Allianz Worldwide Care, you can deal with your plan directly, wherever you are. Allianz Worldwide Care is designed to be convenient and reassuring for the often stressful and complicated expatriate lifestyle.

To find out more about Allianz Worldwide Care and the right plan for you, contact us .