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Goodhealth is one of the world's largest providers of health insurance to expatriates of all nationalities. Based in the U.K., Goodhealth has been providing insurance to clients around the world since 1980. This length of time in the business gives Goodhealth many advantages that are not available from younger, less-experienced providers.

Goodhealth is associated with the Primary Group, an insurance company that manages premiums worth more than US$1.2 billion. The Primary Group has 13 offices across the globe and employs as many as 700 trained professionals who can provide invaluable local knowledge and assistance to Goodhealth's policyholders.

Goodhealth's many offices around the world ensure that your claims will be handled in a manner that you will find efficient and reassuring, even in high-stress situations. Goodhealth has representative locations in North America, the Caribbean, Europe, the Middle East and all over Asia.

Goodhealth is a provider solely of international medical insurance. This means that, since the company's inception, Goodhealth has been tailoring services to perfectly fit the needs of mobile clients like you. Large companies that work with many types of insurance don't fully understand the challenges and intricacies of the expatriate lifestyle, and therefore are unable to fulfill the many needs of international clients.

Goodhealth's specialization has helped them excel in the field of international health insurance. At the 2005 Health Insurance Awards, Goodhealth took home the runner-up prize for 'Best International Health Insurance Provider'. In 2006, Goodhealth was awarded 'Best International Private Medical Insurance Provider' at the Cover Excellence Awards. In the same year, Goodhealth won 'Best International Health Group' at the International Investment Fund and Product Awards.

Goodhealth's history, complemented by recent accolades from the industry, attests to the reliability of the company and the quality of service they value. All Goodhealth plans are comprehensive, so you can rest assured that if something arises during your time abroad you will be covered by the same standard of care you would expect in your home country.

To learn more about how Goodhealth's experience can enrich your experience abroad, contact our consultants at International Medical Insurance.