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HealthCare International

HealthCare International

Founded in the early 1980s, HealthCare International is a London-based international medical and travel insurance company. Dedicated to 'revolutionizing international health care', HealthCare International's number-one priority is the policyholder and their overseas needs. Because of this 'member first' core value, HealthCare International is focused on providing coverage that is affordable but does not compromise any of the options and service that you deserve.

HealthCare International offers innovative coverage that is rooted in the simple concept of serving the policyholder. With services for individuals, families or groups, some experts in the industry agree that HealthCare International offers the most comprehensive products available.

HealthCare International has options for travel and medical insurance, emergency assistance, global protection, and around-the-clock emergency help. Each global plan is tailor-made to complement your lifestyle and grant you the security of full protection if undesirable circumstances arise.

All HealthCare International plans provide complete coverage options that can be tailored to perfectly suit your needs. Though the scope of coverage is quite wide, HealthCare International will break down your plan in a simple, easy to understand way so that you and your loved ones know exactly what your plan encompasses and how to access your options.

Medical plans are designed for expatriates who are living overseas for more than six months each year. If you live a mobile lifestyle that carries you between your country of origin and another residence abroad, all of your medical care will also be covered at home. Optional worldwide cover or worldwide excluding America, all beneficiaries on your plan will receive the same care. You can be assured that you and your loved ones or you and your colleagues will all receive the same level of top-quality coverage for all health issues.

In case of emergency, HealthCare International has a 24-hour emergency assistance center that will give you immediate advice about the treatment of any condition. If you need further care after speaking with the medical professionals on the emergency hotline, HealthCare International will make arrangements for transportation and admittance to a medical facility of your choice. Members are able to choose wherever in the world they wish to receive medical treatment. Members may even opt for treatment in the United States if their plan includes U.S. cover.

In the event of hospitalization, HealthCare International will settle your claim directly with the hospital or clinic. This service enables you to resume your daily life immediately after finishing your care. This eliminates the hassle of dealing with hospital bureaucracy, just one of many ways that HealthCare International makes your expatriate experience a little more stress-free.

If you have young children, HealthCare International has a plan designed specifically to meet your child's needs. Well Child Care is HealthCare International's policy for children under seven. It is a comprehensive health plan that will pay 100% of the fees for all regular pediatric visits.

A provider of travel insurance in addition to expatriate medical coverage, HealthCare International's travel policy is crafted to cover incidents that arise during constant travel. This includes lost passport, travel delay, and trip cancellation. This travel coverage also includes emergency treatment that is comparable to the coverage available through HealthCare International's expatriate health plans. While international medical insurance is valid for policyholders who spend more than six months outside of their country of origin, travel insurance will cover clients who travel up to ninety days per trip.

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