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IHI Danmark

IHI Danmark

IHI Danmark is considered by many to be the most competent insurance provider worldwide. IHI Danmark is a recipient of Standard & Poor's 'Api' rating, indicating a company with 'strong financial security'. This rating also indicates strong earnings, capitalization, technical reserves, and liquidity.

As the name infers, IHI Danmark is a Danish company registered in Copenhagen. Their corporate philosophy is founded on Scandinavian ethics, using Denmark 's legendary health care system as the basis for their services. IHI Danmark's coverage was available initially only to Danish nationals, but has since expanded coverage to any foreign national living abroad.

IHI Danmark has a nearly century-old history of world-class care, with more than thirty years of providing international insurance. There are 2 million policyholders in more than 200 countries, each of whom enjoys the highest-quality customer service. When you buy an IHI Danmark policy, you are privy to comprehensive service, including a 24-hour, multilingual help hotline, highly-informed advice on health care worldwide 'including the best hospitals and physicians for your condition' and advanced online features to help make managing your insurance as convenient as possible.

IHI Danmark has a commitment to providing a variety of care that will suit the diverse medical needs of you and your loved ones. Coverage includes more than 25 medical plans; with so many options one is bound to perfectly suit your individual case. IHI Danmark enables you to choose the location of treatment, allowing the flexibility to determine the type of service that each policyholder needs. It also allows you a wide choice of care based on your own familiarity with the region within which you are living, allowing for convenience and comfort not available from other providers. Not only does location choice include your country of residence, but also any other country across the globe. You will always have the prerogative when choosing what physician, accommodations, and consultation you prefer, in whatever location you need.

Perhaps the most impressive feature of IHI Danmark's coverage is Lifetime Guaranteed Cover, wherein the provider ensures coverage for the duration of your lifetime. Relocation, physical condition, and other changes of circumstance are irrelevant in IHI Danmark's perspective; the coverage will remain. No other provider heralds a lifetime guarantee and unlimited cover. For mobile and international clients like you, IHI Danmark is the right choice because it provides coverage regardless of the country.

To learn more about IHI Danmark's policies and how they can be tailored to your specific needs, contact us.