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International SOS

International SOS

'What drives us now is what drove us then: obsession with customer need and a passion for excellence', says Arnaud Vaissié, Chairman and CEO of International SOS. Founded in 1985, International SOS has more than 20 years of experience in bringing world-renowned medical care to expatriates around the world.

Millions of expatriate policyholders put their faith in International SOS, taking solace in the quality and variety of the care programs that satisfy the needs of their mobile life. The high quality service available through International SOS helps quell the concerns of their international policyholders, bringing security and certainty to the sometimes difficult experience of living abroad.

Not just a presence in developed cities, International SOS can reach even the most remote locations. The company promises 'people first', a commitment that is a central value in the corporate philosophy of International SOS.

International SOS, called 'AEA International' before 1998, was founded in the early 1980s by a French doctor working in Indonesia. Seeing the need for high-caliber medical care for foreigners in Jakarta, Dr. Pascal Rey-Herme shared his ideas about an international medical care system with his friend Mr. Vaissié. Together, these two visionaries established their company as a way to expand healthcare capabilities to people in all areas of the world.

Providing high-quality medical care and consulting services in the Asia Pacific region proved to be badly needed. With only 15 employees in 1985, the company expanded quickly, operating in Hong Kong, Australia, Japan and mainland China by the late 1980s. By 1995, International SOS had a presence in every country in Asia.

International SOS established a strong presence in the Western world as early as the mid-1990s, with the establishment of offices in France and the United States. These offices served as a springboard for International SOS to become the largest operator in the international healthcare market in America, becoming a worldwide leader in medical assistance services.

International SOS has local websites for every country in which they operate. Their sites feature in-depth information about their extensive provider network. The company has also established 24 world-class clinics, 27 alarm centers and 52 offices around the globe. Policyholders will recieve air ambulance service for emergencies where every second counts.

Over 4,400 International SOS employees help find medical solutions for millions of members across five continents. Services are facilitated by International SOS operating companies in 66 countries.

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