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As an insurance broker we are able to pick and choose the best insurance providers worldwide. Even better our insurance plans cost the exact same as if you were buying directly from the insurer.

MediCare International

MediCare International

Founded in the United Kingdom in the 1980s, Medicare International provides top-quality, flexible overseas medical insurance coverage. The experienced professionals at MediCare International are experts at designing plans to fit all types of overseas lifestyles. MediCare International understands the concerns of families living abroad, and provides all the best resources to complement your mobile life.

MediCare International is the international health care division of SBJ Limited, owned by the SBJ Group Limited, an insurance brokering and consulting group. SBJ Limited is a London-based international insurance broker that provides alternatives to local markets and consulting for corporations, partnerships and intermediaries. SBJ Limited is regulated by the United Kingdom's Financial Services Authority.

MediCare International knows that health care facilities can be vastly different around the world. These discrepancies can make your expatriate experience more stressful. MediCare International will provide you with resources so that you will know what is available wherever you are living and lets you choose the level of coverage that meets your needs. Every policy through MediCare International allows you the choice of in which country you want your health needs treated.

The three levels of care available through MediCare International are: International, which includes comprehensive care for foreign nationals living abroad; International Plus, which features the benefits of International but with additional coverage and services; and Executive International, which is the most popular choice because it provides unlimited cover for outpatient services, including added coverage for organ transplants, dental, maternity care and more.

For assistance in any medical emergency, MediCare International policyholders have access to MediCare International's 24-hour hotline, provided by CEGA Air Ambulance Limited.

MediCare International policies provide peace of mind for your tenuous international lifestyle, providing security in case of emergency as well as day-to-day care. For policyholders in the process of moving overseas, MediCare International will give you material that answers major questions and helps make the transition easier. MediCare International offers coverage for all of the costs of treatment for chronic illness acquired after the start of your plan. All claims will be handled efficiently and professionally by a claims handling team that is one of the fastest in the industry.

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