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As an insurance broker we are able to pick and choose the best insurance providers worldwide. Even better our insurance plans cost the exact same as if you were buying directly from the insurer.

MultiNational Underwriters (MNU)

MultiNational Underwriters (MNU)

Established in 1998, MultiNational Underwriters has expanded quickly to become one of the expatriate insurance industry's most reliable providers. Serving thousands of customers in more than 130 countries across the globe, MultiNational Underwriters is respected both for the caliber of their products and the efficiency of their services.

In 2002, MultiNational Underwriters was purchased by the Noel Group, LLC. This beneficial partnership was the first step in expanding MultiNational Underwriters' worldwide coverage and capabilities. Travel Guard International, one of the world's leading providers of expatriate and travel insurance, was founded by The Noel Group. The Noel Group has offices around the world and has brought a wealth of experience and expertise in international services to MultiNational Underwriters.

MultiNational Underwriters' products are available for individuals, groups and families who are American nationals or citizens of other countries, regardless of whether they are living at home or abroad, or looking for sole coverage or additional benefits to complement their existing plan. MultiNational Underwriters specializes in international insurance. This means that MultiNational Underwriters knows exactly how to provide for your expatriate lifestyle.

Since 1998, MultiNational Underwriters has excelled as a provider of internet capabilities to manage individual insurance plans. As an expatriate living far from your country of origin, changing the details of your insurance plan can be very inconvenient. MultiNational Underwriters policyholders are able to overview their coverage, get quotes, buy overseas insurance plans and review and print their insurance documents. All of this can be done electronically, 24 hours a day, from anywhere in the world.

Outside providers use the tools from MultiNational Underwriters online on their own sites because they are streamlined, easy-to-use and effective, just like the rest of the MultiNational Underwriters site. While creating innovative yet sensible solutions to challenges of worldwide service, MultiNational Underwriters makes use of a team of trained professionals that includes underwriters, claims analysts, and service staff.

Founded on 'traditional Midwestern values', MultiNational Underwriters makes it a priority to provide excellent customer service. The employees at MultiNational Underwriters are dedicated to serving you with the respect that you deserve. With the assistance of MultiNational Underwriters' groundbreaking online network, the committed staff promise to provide top-of-the-line service and solutions.

Understanding the global needs of today's rapidly-changing world, MultiNational Underwriters is constantly evolving to serve you better.

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