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Group Plan Information

A company can also apply for international medical insurance for its employees, (it is also possible to form an affinity group around a social group or sports team). In this case it is often possible to receive significant discounts over individual rates and get better benefits. Not all employees need to be in the same location or country.

For larger groups (20 or more employees) it is possible to get coverage that includes 'Medical History Disregarded' (MHD). This means if some group members have a pre-existing condition, the insurance provider will often allow this to be covered. This is advantageous for the employer since it is a very good employee benefit.

For larger groups that include MHD the renewal insurance premiums take into account the claims performance of the group. If the performance is good then the premium can drop but if the claims are bad then the premium can increase.

Normally in groups scheme employees can be enrolled part way through the policy year, or terminated in the policy year, and premiums are paid or refunded on a pro-rata basis.

On leaving the group some insurance companies allow employees to maintain coverage on an individual basis but at individual rates. In some cases the insurer will even continue to cover the pre-existing condition that manifested itself while the employee was insured on the group scheme.

Group insurance plans can also be customized, so the benefits can be tailored to the group's preferences. It also allows more senior staff members have higher levels of coverage. Please contact us for more information or to receive your free quote.

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