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Individual Plan Information

An Individual or individual insurance plan is the most common plan sold by international medical insurance companies. Premiums are based on the age of the applicants, area of cover and the plans selected. The location and occupation of the policyholder do not normally impact the premium.

Almost all international insurance companies offer Individual and individual insurance plans that are guaranteed renewable each year. This ensures that, even after suffering from a serious illness or accident, the insurance company will not refuse cover the following year. One of the biggest reasons to consider a worldwide insurance plan is that no matter where the individual decides to move, the plan can be kept in force and the benefits will not change.

Individual and individual insurance plans include core in-patient coverage with various additional options such as out-patient coverage, emergency evacuation, maternity and dental. In some cases insurance companies offer 'individual' rates and give extra discounts for more than one child or offer free cover to children under 10.

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