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Teacher Plan Information

Teaching overseas is a challenging and rewarding experience and the number of expatriate teachers has been continuously rising. Insurance companies have therefore developed special expat teacher medical insurance plans that offer competitive premiums but similar benefits to a regular international medical insurance plan.

International health insurance plans for teachers can cover all the essential elements of a comprehensive medical plan: in-patient; out-patient, emergency evacuation, maternity and dental. The plan can be kept in force as long as the teacher works at an international school but upon returning home or changing occupation the plan would need to stop or be changed to a 'normal' international plan.

Expat teachers typically only teach for a short period of time abroad (1-2 years), and the plan is not really designed to be taken out indefinitely. Teacher plans are very good value but if you are looking for a long term health insurance solution then a regular international health insurance plan should be considered.

If you would like to know more about international medical insurance plans for teachers please contact us.

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