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Travel Plan Information

Travel insurance is designed to cover a person for a short duration, normally from a few days up to a year. During the period of cover the insured person is covered for medical expenses and benefits such as emergency evacuation and out-patient coverage.

We have analyzed all the various international travel insurance plans offered by the worlds major insurance companies and have decided to offer a policy that is underwritten by BUPA IHI. The reason for this is that the plans offered by BUPA IHI have some of the highest coverage levels available.

International travel insurance plans that we can offer have the following levels of coverage:

Coverage Limit (USD)
Maximum cover per person per trip
Outpatient treatment by a doctor/specialist
Prescribed medicines
Prescribed treatment by a physiotherapist
$ 2,500
Provisional pain-stilling dental treatment
$ 200
Ambulance transportation
Medical evacuation
Return trip
Compassionate emergency repatriation
Next-of-kin accompaniment
Compassionate emergency visit
Home transportation of the deceased
Statutory arrangements in case of death
Board, lodging and local transport for a person summoned or accompanying the insured, per day
$ 300


The overall level of cover for medical expenses is normally lower than an international medical plan but sufficient for minor medical treatment. In the event of a more serious illness or accident the travel insurance is designed to repatriate you back to your home country. At this point the plan would cease and you should have your own local medical plan to cover expenses (as such if you take a travel insurance plan it is important that you are covered in your home country).

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