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"I have been impresssed by their professionalism, vison, and focus on delivering impartial advice, with high levels of customer service..."
- James Cooper
Did you Know?
As an insurance broker we are able to pick and choose the best insurance providers worldwide. Even better our insurance plans cost the exact same as if you were buying directly from the insurer.


At International Medical Insurance, our dedicated support teams are there to help you administer and maintain your plan. From the initial purchase of a policy through to making claims and renewing, we will be with you every step of the way. We have built strong relationships with many of the worlds leading medical insurance companies and can act as an intermediary with the insurer to facilitate every aspect of your plan.

The main areas of interest on the support side of a policy are:

We believe that customer service is the number one priority of any major company, and strive to help our clients with any difficulties that they may have. This is why our support teams will always be available to help answer any questions or attend to any difficulties that you may have.

As one of the world's largest international medical insurance brokers we can bring our expansive resources and extensive knowledge to the table when helping you run your policy. You will never have to deal with the insurance company by yourself, and will always have someone to help you no matter what the issue is. To learn more about an international medical insurance policy, or to talk to one of our expert advisers, please contact us.