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Denmark Health Insurance


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Perched on a peninsula in Northern Europe, bordering the Baltic and North Seas, the diverse country of Denmark and its small chain of islands is a showcase for natural beauty. Characteristic elements of the landscape include rolling meadows dotted with windmills, historical towns, cobblestone streets and medieval churches. Some of Denmark’s long and fascinating history is captured in Viking ruins and impressive Renaissance castles. The country is lined with splendid strips of sand and scenic cliffs. For Denmark’s estimated 5.5 million courteous inhabitants, (CIA, 2012) proximity to the seashore is no more than an hour’s drive away from anywhere in the country. Approximately 25 percent of Denmark’s residents live in the capital city of Copenhagen, which is known for its waterfront statue of the Little Mermaid, and its modernity and good design. The latter of which is evident in its faultless transportation system. A Claim to the highest per person GDP in all of the European Union is supported by the country’s hydrocarbon-rich economy and state-of-the-art industry involving world-leading companies in maritime shipping, renewable energy and pharmaceuticals. Linguistic unity in Denmark is strong; the official standard of Danish is based on the capital Copenhagen’s dialect. There is little to no barrier in communication for English-speaking visitors, as English is the predominant second language and spoken by the majority. Significant Danish dialects however can be found beyond the boundaries of the Kingdom, on the Faroe Islands and in Greenland.

Denmark Health Care and Insurance

Danes enjoy a standard of living amongst the highest in the world, the government welfare measures are extensive, and distribution of income equitable. The Ministry of the Interior and Health has overall responsibility for the health sector in Denmark, formulating policy and issuing guidelines which the local health authorities in each of the country’s 14 counties are charged with implementing. High quality care is widely available in Denmark, hospitals are well equipped and health clinics are evenly dispersed and accessible. Citizens and permanent residents, once registered, are eligible to receive free hospitalization and medical treatment under the National Health Service. The health service administers Denmark’s health insurance system, which provides cover for consultations with doctors and specialists as well as subsidizes prescription drug fees, treatment by chiropractors, podiatrists, physiotherapists and psychologists and some dentistry services. Alternative therapies such as acupuncture are also subsidized.

Two categories of Denmark health insurance are available and are simply known in the country as Insurance Group 1 and 2. The majority of the population opts for cover under Insurance Group 1, which requires patients to nominate one doctor as the family physician from a list of practitioners operating within the patient’s residential area. All consultations with the nominated doctor are covered by the health insurance system. For those under this insurance category, any specialist appointments require a referral from the family GP. Residents who opt to join Insurance Group 2 pay a higher insurance premium. However, they can use any GP at any medical facility, and a referral is not required for specialist appointments. Newly arrived long-term foreign residents from nominated countries can qualify for immediate cover under the scheme, although private insurance will be required for some, due to a wait period of at least 6 weeks after registering with Danish authorities before health service entitlements are allowed.

As medical treatment and hospital care covered under the National Health Service often requires a referral from a GP, long waiting periods ensue, prompting patients to seek medical care privately and pay out-of-pocket. A number of private hospitals and clinics operate within the health sector; however the costs associated with such care are considerable. Therefore, additional private health insurance is used by residents as a top-up to guarantee use of private facilities and to pay for services not covered under the national scheme, which includes some dentistry services and out-of-pocket payments for medications.

Emergency departments in the main hospitals operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, accepting patients if treatment is required for an injury or illness which has occurred within the preceding 24 hours. Depending on the type of illness or injury, some emergency departments may refuse patients unless they have a doctor’s referral. Emergency treatment is free, although follow-up care is at the patient’s own expense. Visitors do not qualify for treatment under the National Health Service, except in the event of an emergency, but even then, if the medical facility determines the emergency is a result of a pre-existing condition visitors are expected to pay for all treatment. It is therefore prudent for visitors to arrange international medical insurance to ensure the high cost of treatment in non-emergency and some emergency situations, does not become burdensome. Ambulatory services can be reached in the country and on the Faroe Islands, by dialing 112.

Reflective perhaps of a well-established and well-organised health system are indicators such as infant mortality and life expectancy, which are used to point to living conditions and standards in countries. Infant mortality is reported at 4.19 deaths for every 1,000 live births in Denmark, (CIA, 2012) a statistic among the best in the world. Estimated life expectancy currently stands at 76 years for men and 81 years for women, having steadily increased over the decades, surpassing the United States and only just shy of the likes of Belgium, Austria and the United Kingdom.

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Expatriates and Travelers in Denmark

Denmark Travel Insurance Concerns

Denmark’s Security and Intelligence Service instructed police districts across the country to increase their state-of-readiness in late 2010, due to the threat of terrorism, assessing the threat-level as ‘significant’. A number of arrests and convictions related to terrorism offences have been made in Denmark and the country reportedly remains a target, due in part for the printing of cartoons of the Islamic Prophet Mohammed in 2005. This has prompted advisories from other developed nations to recommend individuals remain security conscious at all times, be vigilant in public places, and stay informed of potential safety risks by monitoring local information sources.

Conversely, Denmark has a low rate of serious crime, other than localized disturbances and confrontations with authorities, which have occurred in recent times. These are generally gang-related. However, caution should be exercised, in and around Norrebro especially. Protests and demonstrations surge periodically in Denmark and visitors are advised to avoid such large public gatherings. Organised petty-crime such as bag snatching and pickpocketing has increased and is particularly problematic during summer, the peak tourist season. Busy public areas such as the central train station, airports, hotel lobbies, restaurants, crowded transportation, and tourist spots are areas favoured by petty criminals. In the event of injury as a result of crime, international medical insurance cover is recommended to avoid the high cost of medical treatment in the country.

Despite outbreaks of bird flu being confirmed in wild birds in Denmark, the risk of contracting the disease is low. Nevertheless, advisories do suggest avoiding close contact with live birds and taking precautions such as ensuring all egg and poultry dishes are well cooked. Due to a recent increase in measles cases, those not previously immunized are recommended to have the pre-exposure vaccination before travel, along with any routine childhood vaccinations which are not up-to-date. Denmark’s health authorities report Legionnaires disease more frequently than any other European country. The reason for this is still under debate, it has not been confirmed as to whether there is an increased prevalence of the disease or increased awareness of it amongst doctors, and therefore more frequent diagnoses. A small risk of contracting tick-borne encephalitis exists in forested or rural areas during summer, therefore insect protection is advised.

Denmark Expat Health Insurance

Public health services in Denmark are extensive, efficient and of high quality. However access is limited to registered long-term residents and citizens, who depending on the type of treatment required, will be put on a waiting list. Private insurance is relied upon by a significant portion of the population to provide cover for services not included in the state health insurance plan and to bypass queues for treatment. Visitors and newly arrived residents are restricted to using private medical facilities unless in a life-threatening emergency, therefore these groups are exposed to considerably more costly services, hence the need for private insurance cover. International Medical Insurance has policies which deliver a comprehensive range of benefits, including medical evacuation and repatriation, private hospital doctors’ fees and costs associated with maternity services. To ensure the cost of medical treatment in Denmark does not result in financial burden, contact an International Medical Insurance consultant today for a free quotation.