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Saudi Arabia Health Insurance

Saudi Arabia

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The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia hosts thousands of people each year for work, travel and pilgrimage. Although, the government of Saudi Arabia provides free health care to those on pilgrimage to the Holy City of Mecca, the remaining Expats are required to pay for medical facilities and care.

Saudi Arabia's Medical Insurance Industry

A lot of insurance companies offer international medical insurance plans that are designed specifically for Expats living in Saudi Arabia ; they have no hospital restrictions and include Emergency Evacuation and a comprehensive cover for any medical misfortune. Saudi Arabia boasts an extremely comprehensive hospital network, and can provide some of the highest quality treatment in the Middle East. Outside of the major cities however, healthcare services can be limited and of a fairly basic standard.

There are not many public health issues in the country, although there have been cases of rift valley fever in the south-western province. The most dangerous time of year for contracting a disease is during the Hajj pilgrimage when, due to the large number of pilgrims, diseases spread quickly throughout the local population.

Saudi Arabia travel   Saudi Arabia's medical insurance industry is a fast paced ever evolving market however our staff are experts and at your disposal.

Expatriates and Travelers in Saudi Arabia

Expats in Riyadh

As a capital of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh holds the biggest concentration of Expats than any other city in that country. There are over 300 hospitals in Saudi Arabia ; most of them located in Riyadh. Medical bills can get quite expensive, considering the quality of specialists and accommodation is very high, so without proper Saudi Arabia international medical insurance, visitors to this grand country can find themselves in quite a bit of trouble. In an effort to help you understand the local customs and laws of Saudi Arabia we have compiled a set of comprehensive travel tips.

Saudi Arabia Traveling Tips

Saudi Arabia, while a unique and wonderful country, has different laws and customs to those in Europe or the USA. On arrival some of these social mores are unknown to many expatriates. In order to help you better get to know and understand Saudi Arabia we have provided some basic travel tips, of which everyone should be aware before visiting the country. Read More About Traveling in Saudi Arabia

As a Muslim county, Islamic law is strictly enforced in Saudi Arabia. The public practice of any religion other than Islam is strictly prohibited. Adultery and Homosexual behavior are illegal and can carry the death sentence. Women are prohibited from driving any type vehicle. Everyone must conform to Islamic codes of etiquette (such as clothing and behavior).

Saudi Medical Insurance

With our extensive knowledge of the Middle East, and Saudi Arabia in particular, we are able to provide expatriates who are in the region some of the most comprehensive medical insurance plans available. These plans are globally portable, meaning that should you ever choose to leave Saudi Arabia ; your plan will travel with you.

For more information about the international medical insurance plans that we can provide, or to receive a free quote, please contact us today.