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Saudi Arabia Hospital List

Saudi Arabia

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For expatriates, knowing where to go in Saudi Arabia for medical treatment can be difficult. For this reason we have provided a directory of all the top medical centers in the country.

Emergency Numbers
Fire: 998
Police: 999
Ambulance (Red Crescent): 997 q
Traffic Accident Police: 993

Armed Forces (Military) Hospital
General telephone: 477-7714
Address: P.O.Box 22490
Riyadh 11426
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

King Abdul Aziz University Hospital
General telephone: 478-6100
Address: P.O.Box 7897
Riyadh 11159
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

King Fahad Armed Forces Hospital
General telephone: 252-0088
Address: Jaber Alsabah Road ( Khasmalan Road )
P.O.Box 22490
Riyadh 11426
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

King Faisal Specialist Hospital
General telephone: 464-7272
Emergency Room: 442-3398
Poison Control: 442-7604
Address: Al Zahrawi Street
P.O.Box 3354
Riyadh 11211
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

King Khalid University Hospital
General telephone: 467-0011
Address: Ad'Diriyah District,
P.O. Box 7805 ,
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Prince Salman Hospital

General telephone: 441-1100
Address: P.O.Box 56773
Riyadh 11564
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Prince Sultan Cardiac Centre
General telephone: 479-1000
Address: P.O.Box 9991
Riyadh 11625
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

King Khaled Eye Specialist Hospital
General telephone: 482-1234
Address: P.O.Box 7191
Riyadh 11462
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

King Fahd Hospital
General telephone: 660-6111
Address: P.O.Box 8488
Jeddah 21196
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

King Abdul Aziz University Hospital
General telephone: 640-1000
Address: Ali Al Murtada Road
P.O. Box 1540
Jeddah 21441
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

King Khalid Hospital
General telephone: 665-6200

Maternity and Children's Hospital
General Telephone: 665-2600
Address: P.O.Box 13877
Jeddah 21414
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Al Amal Hospital
General telephone: 654-9762
Address: P.O. Box 7822
Damman Central Hospital
General telephone: 842-7777
Address: P.O.Box 1984
Damman 31196
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Maternity & Children's Hospital
General telephone: 966-3-842-6666


Dr. Eman Al-Kofide (The Pediatric Dental Consulting Centre) 450-4266
Dr. Ayman (Lasting Smile Dental Clinic) 464-0216
Dr. Firas Bukai (Lasting Smile Dental Clinic) 464-0216

Hiba Injibar Kassir (Consulting Clinics) 465-9100

Gynecology and Obstetrics
Dr Ismail Badawi ( King Faisal Specialist Hospital ) 462-7272
Dr Kurdi evening clinics 442-3434

Dr. Ghassen Khoury (Consulting Clinics) 465-9100

Dr Fouad El Ladki (Consulting Clinics) 465-9100
( Kingdom Hospital ) 275-1111
Dr. Hasan Al Esseh ( Kingdom Hospital ) 275-1111

Dr. Cheryl O'andansan (Humanitarian City) 562-0000

It is important to note that, in many cases, government hospitals may require non-Saudi nationals to obtain dispensation for the use of their facilities. This is not the case however, with government hospitals that have private care facilities.

For more information about hospitals and clinics in Saudi Arabia , or to receive a free international medical insurance quote, please contact us.