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Thailand Health Insurance


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Thailand is a large and rich Asian nation. Located between Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia and Myanmar, the country is made up of a large number of diverse ethnic groups. Thailand was the only South Asian country to escape European colonial rule, and because of this its culture was allowed to develop without outside influences. The capital city of Thailand is Bangkok and is home to almost 12 million people. Bangkok is the home of Thailand's economy and the seat of the government.

Thailand Expat Health Insurance

We can offer a number of comprehensive international medical insurance plans that will provide protection for you and your loved ones in Thailand. For more information, or to receive a free quote, please contact us today.

Thailand travel   Thailand's medical insurance industry is a fast paced ever evolving market however our staff are experts and at your disposal.

Expatriates and Travelers in Thailand

Thailand's Healthcare Industry

One of the main areas of concern for expatriates when they move to the country is the state of the nation's healthcare system. Thailand boasts excellent healthcare facilities and hospitals, and is in fact the worlds leading destination for medical tourism because of the low costs associated with their high quality treatment centers. Even though Thailand has low cost high quality medical facilities it is still important to obtain a comprehensive medical insurance plan to help protect you and your loved ones should anything serious occur while in the country.

We can provide international medical insurance plans that are globally portable and guaranteed renewable for life. The plans that we offer will let you receive treatment anywhere in the world with the doctor or hospital of your choice, while giving you the highest level of protection available for the duration of your stay in Thailand. With a number of benefits including maternity, dental, out-patient, and emergency evacuation coverage, you can be assured that an international medical insurance plan will offer you and your loved ones the protection that you deserve.

Thailand Traveling Tips

Thailand has many marvels to offer residents and tourists alike. Boasting such sights as the Grand Palace and Vimanmek Royal Mansion in Bangkok, the two ancient capitals of Thailand, to the popular tourist destinations such as the Marble Temple, Wat Suthat, and Wat Ratchanadda in Bangkok, to the beautiful and serene beaches of Phuket, Koh Samui, and Koh Phagnan, Thailand has much to offer any visitors. Read More About Traveling in Thailand

For more information about the international medical insurance plans we can provide in the Thailand or to receive a free quote, please contact us today.