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UAE Health Insurance


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The UAE is currently experiencing an economic boom as it is currently trying to diversify its income sources. The country is investing heavily in technology and infrastructure to supplement the money that it earns through oil exports. The UAE has been inhabited since the 7th century AD, when the indigenous population was converted to Islam. Since then the states that comprise the United Arab Emirates have grown into an important factor in terms of Middle Eastern politics and economics.

UAE Expat Health Insurance

An important fact to know is that all Expats coming in UAE are required to have medical insurance or obtain a health card in order to receive medical care. In the past, everyone visiting or residing in UAE were able to receive medical care free or relatively free of charge. With increasing number of foreigners coming to UAE specifically for low cost medical care, government decided to change their policies. Presently, residents and visitors who haven't obtained medical insurance or a health card are ordered to pay full price for all the treatments including surgical equipment and hospital bed fees.

UAE Travel   The UAE's medical insurance industry is a fast paced ever evolving market however our staff are experts and at your disposal.

Expatriates and Travelers in UAE

UAE's Healthcare Industry

The number of Expats living in the UAE makes up a huge percentage of the population and they agree that medical facilities in UAE, both private and government operated, are some of the best and most adequate in the world. The demand for a sufficient UAE insurance policy is quite high and most clients are used to high quality medical care. Therefore, most hospitals have Western standard facilities as well as direct billing arrangements with most major international insurance companies.

Expats Flock to the UAE

Due to the rapid economic expansion of the country, expatriates from all over the world are seeing more and more oportunities in the UAE. The economic boom has meant that foreign nationals are choosing to relocate there in rapdily increasing numbers. As the nation is choosing to step away from its massive oil based economy, and diversify into a market based economy with strong emphasis being placed on rapid ifrastructure development, international corporations are realizing that the UAE is an ideal location for accessing vital Middle Eastern markets.

UAE Traveling Tips

From the wind swept desert and high mountains, to the booming cities along the coast, the UAE has something to offer everyone. Whether you are visiting the country for a short stay, or planning to relocate there permanently, there are a number of things you should remember. We have provided some travel advice to help you better enjoy your stay. Read More About Traveling in the UAE

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