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China is a constantly growing country that has gone through amazing developmental changes in the past several years. It is hard to imagine that in 2002, foreigners only lived in a specifically designated part of Shanghai. With China becoming a new superpower, the number of Expats coming over for work, study or travel increases every month.

China's Insurance Industry

There are many international medical insurance plans that are focused on Expats living in China. Rapid modernizations allowed cities such as Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou to build a network of completely Westernized hospitals; with English speaking staff and Western standard facilities.

The use of these hospitals however does not come cheap; the prices for doctor's visits and exams are on a similar level with United States, so compared with everything else, good quality hospital services are of astronomical cost.

While most medical treatments the policyholder receives in China are reimbursed after the claim is submitted, top hospitals have made direct billing arrangements with internationally recognized insurance companies, even for some outpatient treatments.

China travel   China's medical insurance industry is a fast paced ever evolving market however our staff are experts and at your disposal.

Expatriates and Travelers in China

China Traveling Tips

As a rapidly developing country China is becoming an increasingly attractive destination for many expatriates. However there are a number of things that you should keep in mind when traveling to China. In order to better help you, we have provided some travel tips.

Visas are required for most foreign nationals who enter China. Visas cannot be obtained on arrival except at Hainan Island. Visas can be obtained before your trip at a Chinese embassy or consulate. Read More About Traveling in China.

Important Reminder to Expatriates

It is important to note that foreigners who stay in China for longer than 6 months are required to go through a Physical Examination, which is a government-run test to make sure that Expats are not carrying diseases that could potentially be a catastrophe for the country. This physical examination is not covered by medical insurance and is usually paid for by the employer sponsoring a working visa or personally by the Expat.

We have extensive experience in Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Beijing and can help to find you the highest quality healthcare available. We have also provide comprehensive Travel advice and country information to help you get to know China better. If you require more information about international medical insurance plans for china, or would like to receive a free quote, please contact us.