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Beijing is the capital of the Peoples Republic of China. Historically the city was once one of the four great capitals of ancient China, and in modern times Beijing continues to play an influential role in the country's international development and economic progress. Beijing's history can be traced back to the first millennium BC when the first people settled the area. Since then the city has grown and expanded becoming one of the most influential municipalities in the country.

Second only to Shanghai in terms of population, many people see Beijing as the educational and cultural centre of China outside of its political status. As the modern administrative center of China and the location of the Chinese government, Beijing plays an important role both locally and internationally, and this is the reason that many expatriates and foreigners are choosing to visit or relocate to the city rather than Shanghai or Guangzhou.

Tourists visit Beijing for the many sights that the city can offer such as; the Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, Summer Palace, Temple of Heaven, Ming Dynasty Tombs, Peking Man Site, and of course, the Great Wall of China. With so much history behind it's development, it is no wonder that Beijing has much to offer a tourist. From the fabulous sights to the delicious food, the city offers something for everyone.

In its role as the political center of China, Beijing is the location of all the foreign embassies in the country and many overseas diplomats can be found there. So while Shanghai controls the country's money, Beijing is the location of China's power. It is no wonder that many expatriates are choosing to go to Beijing. With our extensive knowledge of China and Beijing in particular we can help you find the highest quality medical treatment available. We also have access to extensive direct settlement networks that will ensure that you will always be able to receive the best healthcare services with the least amount of effort. For more information about the services that we can provide in Beijing, or to receive a free international medical insurance quote, please contact us today.