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Expatriates and Chinese nationals alike are flocking to Guangzhou in an effort to capitalize on the city's current growth and success. One of the reasons for Guangzhou 's status in modern china is its proximity to the two Asian giants of Macau (notable for its gambling and casino industry) and Hong Kong (one of the biggest financial centers in the world). Guangzhou has benefited enormously form from its location next to these two major cities and is one of the worlds largest industrial and manufacturing centers with a 2006 GDP of approximately US $76 billion.

With this wealth of industry Guangzhou is continuously improving its infrastructure and public utilities. With development a common occurrence, it is not unusual to see massive apartment blocks being built consistently throughout the city. As Guangzhou emerges as a major city in China , and as China begins to exert pressure on international economics and politics, it is no wonder that people from overseas who are interested in Chinese issues are choosing to go to Guangzhou .

Apart from the economic situation Guangzhou has many cultural sights which any visitor to the city should see. With the Temple of the Six Banyan Trees, Pearl River Tower, Huaisheng Mosque, The Confucian Academy, and the Tomb of the King of Southern Yue, the city is the location of a number of interesting attractions. The Guangzhou area is also the home of Cantonese Opera and Cuisine, which is significantly different from both the style of music and food that can be found in northern China .

With our extensive experience in Southern China we can help you find the medical protection that you need. Our expert advisers have an intimate knowledge of local culture and customs, and can help you with all you medical needs. For more information about Guangzhou or an international medical insurance plan, please contact us.