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In recent years Shanghai has become one of the favorite destinations in China for expatriates. As China continues to experience an economic boom and develop all of its major cities, Shanghai has risen to the fore as one of the most cosmopolitan and developed locations in the country.

As a financial centre on par with cities like New York, Hong Kong, London, and Tokyo, Shanghai has proven that it can exist on the world stage. Combine this with the city's rich and varied history, and it is no wonder that Shanghai has become one of Asia's hot spots in recent years.

Many expatriates are moving to shanghai for the superior opportunities that it offers. With a vibrant business community and comprehensive expatriate support groups, in many cases Shanghai offers a better life than many foreigners could hope for in their own country. Apart from choosing to live in Shanghai, many people are visiting the city every year. With sights such as the Bund, Jade Buddha temple, Yuan Garden, and the location of the first Chinese National People's congress, Shanghai offers visitors and residents alike a plethora of sights and sounds.

Shanghai is arguably one of China's most developed cities. With a health care infrastructure that is perceived to be superior to the rest of the country and a strong government, Shanghai is possibly one of the best places to live in China.

With our extensive knowledge of Shanghai and China as a whole, we can help with any medical insurance issue that you may have. We have access to a large direct settlement network and can liaise between you and your health care providers to ensure that the highest quality treatment is always available. For more information about Shanghai and your medical insurance plan, please contact one of expert advisers today.