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As a rapidly developing country China is becoming an increasingly attractive destination for many expatriates. However there are a number of things that you should keep in mind when traveling to China. In order to better help you, we have provided some travel tips.

  • Visas are required for most foreign nationals who enter China. Visas cannot be obtained on arrival except at Hainan Island. Visas can be obtained before your trip at a Chinese embassy or consulate.
  • Do not bring any produce, cold meats or fresh fruits into the country as this is illegal. Other items that cannot be imported are; printed or visual material that can be construed as degrading to Chinese culture, unapproved religious materials, drugs and pornography.
  • When leaving China your bags will be searched and anything that is deemed to be a 'cultural treasure' will be confiscated. Cultural treasures include art, antiques, gold, silver, and jade jewelry, and anything of a historical nature.
  • Crimes against foreign nationals in Chinese cities are rare. In most cases crime is limited to petty theft and fraud. However, crime is more common in the countryside and any foreigners visiting an isolated town or village should take extra precautions.
  • China is prone to severe seasonal weather. From May to November there is a high incidence of typhoons and floods in the southern part of the country, while winters in the north can be extremely cold. If you travel to the country during these months make an effort to check the weather conditions.
  • While China has many roads and highways there is not a high standard of driving ability. If you plan on driving while in the country take care and be extremely cautious.
  • To enter China many nationalities require visas. You should ensure that your visa will cover the entire length of your intended trip as the penalties for overstaying can be severe. Additionally, if you plan on staying in China for more than 6 months you are required to have a comprehensive medical examination that has been cleared by a Chinese embassy or consulate.

For more information in regards to traveling in China, or to receive a free international medical insurance quote, please contact us.