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Expat Medical Insurance in Hong Kong

Whether you’re moving for work or you’re already there, IMI’s partner in Hong Kong, Pacific Prime, is the leading expert in HK insurance solutions for expats.

Hong Kong and Healthcare

Living in Hong Kong, expats will be pleased to know that the country has an extensive health care system that is easily accessible and of a high quality. The main language is Cantonese, with Mandarin (Putonghua), and English spoken widely throughout the sector. If you’re staying in Hong Kong with a valid visa/Hong Kong ID, you will have access to the greatly subsidised care in the public sector, or may opt to pay for access to private facilities. While expat medical insurance is not necessary for expats legally resident in Hong Kong, it is recommended.

Using the Public System

Hong Kong’s public health system features 41 public hospitals, 47 specialists, and 73 general out-patient clinics across the country - 17 of these operating 24/7 Accident and Emergency Departments. The facilities are praised the world over for their well-trained staff, modern technology and equipment, and strong patient outcomes, with Hong Kong frequented by many overseas nationals because of its great medical tourism reputation.

Costs in public hospitals varies dependent on whether you’re an HKID holder or not. Those eligible for government subsidised care will pay HKD 100 for an A&E visit, where as a non-eligible person will pay HKD 990. In-patient stays at general hospitals can cost as little as HKD 100 per day, while the price jumps to HKD 4,680 per day for those without a valid HKID and visa.

While we believe that the facilities are a great option for healthcare in Hong Kong, there are some downsides to the public system that affects locals and expats alike. Wait times can be quite long, particularly during flu seasons, patients will have less options for care available to them than in the private sector, and multilingual non-medical staff are not always guaranteed.

Using the Private System

The private system in Hong Kong features 13 hospitals that offer patients much shorter waiting times, and greater freedom for individuals to schedule their appointments and surgeries to suit their schedules. Private facilities also feature a number of valuable extras including free wireless internet, personal entertainment systems in rooms, and a number of comfortable private room options for patients admitted for one or more nights.

Private hospitals in Hong Kong have a good reputation for having expert internationally trained specialist staff and modern facilities that are funded by billing patients at market cost. Without private medical insurance, you can expect to pay over HKD 1,000 for an out-patient appointment at a private hospital while being admitted for multiple nights can cost several thousands per day.

This high quality of care does come at a price however, with Hong Kong having the second highest cost of medical care after the United States, which means that securing health insurance if you plan on utilizing the private sector is pretty much essential.

Pacific Prime - International Medical Insurance’s Partner in Hong Kong

Why use Pacific Prime? Our partner is the leading Hong Kong health insurance broker in the Asia Pacific region and their expert advisors devote themselves to providing you with the best coverage options available. Their experience is in the 120,000 clients and 2,000 companies that they’ve served for over 16 years. For assistance in finding the right expat medical insurance, contact Pacific Prime today!